About Us

Who We Are?

We are Diana and Gene Henkel. We live on our small farm in Eatonville, WA. For many years we have sought to find alternative remedies for what occasionally ails us and the animals we love and care for. 

We provide a network of natural solution specialists, of which our contribution is the use of essential oils https://doterra.me/z4ADs6v2.

Horses, cattle, chickens, dogs, cats, goats and other animals, each with unique needs. We have learned that all animals can have unique challenges the same as their human friends.

One day, many years ago, we were introduced to the world of essential oils. From the first day, we knew this was something with enormous potential and we dived right in to study what possibilities they offered to us and our wonderful animals. Today, we help anamials and their owners all over the country to bring good health and comfort. Essential oils support the body's own miraculous ability to heal itself.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce the people in our lives to the healing powers of essential oils.
Sometimes it's a simple conversation. Sometimes it's through the use of oils to bring back health and happiness to a pet or an animal in our care. In this site you will find many natural and simple solutions. Our main focus is remedies using essential oils. With the help of Verterinarian's who have discovered that essential oils (with common since) can be a safe and simple alternative to traditional methods. Gene and I trust the purity and potentcy of dōTERRA https://doterra.me/JnN2Y0CG essential oils. Sourced globally to provide us quality that is unmeasurable. Please, make sure to educate yourself with the do's and dont's of using essential oils on you and your pets. You can always contact us for concerns or questions you may have.

Success Stories

We have helped countless animals with relief from stings, puzzling skin rashes, digestive upset, joint pain, and dozens of other ailments. Check out our testimonials page where you will find stories from individuals' own successes using essential oils and other natural approaches. 

Our Approach

Sometimes you do need to take your animal to a traditional Veterinarian. Essential oils can't fix a broken leg for example. For that, you will need the benefits of modern medicine, as they call it, even if it is simply to reset a broken leg and add a splint. Still, there are essential oils that can help your beloved animal heal faster and with lessened pain in a natural way.