Are you looking for a natural alternative to keep those pesky fleas and ticks at bay? Would you like a product that is good for both dogs and cats and gentle enough for kittens and puppies (over 12 weeks of age)? pawTree's Flea and Tick Spray is an essential oil based spray that is chemical-free and very effective. Just thoroughly wet the coat with the spray and work it down to the skin. I have found it to be effective for 4-6 weeks unless the animal gets wet.

Annette L


Right place at the wrong time. One of my free range chickens came out from under a truck at the same time as I was throwing down a small board. It landed right on top of the chicken! After careful inspection there were no broken bones, just badly bruised and couldn't walk well. I'm happy to say that after one week of isolation and using a product called Correct X from doTERRA, the chicken was good as new. Diana H

My new kitten came goopy eyes and very sickly. I applied an essential oil for immune support topically and a couple weeks later my kitten was happy and playful. - Sharon M

My cat had a persistent cough that didn't want to go away. Diana gave me an essential oil blend for immune support. During the day the essential oil was diffused. Twice a day I would apply the essential oil topically. After a week, my cat was no longer coughing. - Cami B